Brockville Christmas Market - December 5th & 12th, 2020 

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We are doing it again!

The Brockville Christmas Market is happening.
Multiple vendors, food, hot apple cider, mulled wine, live entertainment!

30 vendors will be on site, on Saturday, from 12pm - 5pm.

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Here's the list of vendors who are part of the December 5th market:

1) Knotty C's Macrame

2) Yuandmeillustration - Original stationery and embroidery items

3) Charmed by Mezaun - Hats (pop knits) mask chains/glamed up face masks

4) Janet's Artisan coats

5) HLM Designs - Gifts

6) Barnboard house crafts - Wood chairs, serving trays, door signs

7) Dreamweaver Handmades

8) D-sign by M & T - Christmas decor and rustic signs

9) Earthborne

10) Epicure

11) Pam's adventure - Books

12) Galway Custom Woodworking

13) Collar Me Crazy - Pet accessories

14) Scrubbies - Wool worker

15) Home Sweet Hellyer

16) Soul Venture - Soaps

17) Woolens for Ewe

18) Ballycanoe Naturals - Honey

19) Safron Farm at Ballycanoe - Cocktail syrup, seasonal chutney, marmalade

20) Rustic Craft & Baked good by Well Grounded Gardens

21) Aloette Cosmetics

22) Personalized coasters, jewelry, home made candle holders

23) Miss Reds Sweet Treats

24) Husty Duck Collectibles

25) Make it Personnal

26) SJW Creation

27) HandemadeWithLoveArtisanSoaps

28) Golden Age Comics & Collectibles

29) The Crafty Seedling- Masks

30) Purple door bakehouse

31) Spitfire Café - Warm beverages, vegan/gf snacks



Here's the list of vendors who are part of the December 12th market:

1)Earthborne Seasonal decor & decor elements for garden & home

2) Epicure - Dips

3) Pam's adventure -Book

4) Galway Custom Woodworking - Charcuterie Board, custom furniture

5) Collar Me Crazy - Pet Accessories

6) Scrubbies - Wool worker

7) Home Sweet Hellyer

8) Soul Venture - Soap, shampoo bars, oil

9) Woolens for Ewe - Wool mittens

10) Ballycanoe Naturals - Honey products

11) Safron Farm at Ballycanoe - Cocktail syrup, seasonal chutney, marmalade

12) Well Grounded Gardens - Rustic Crafts & baked goods

13) Aloette Cosmetics

14) Chloe Segal - personalized coasters, jewelry, home made candle holders

15) Miss Reds Sweet Treats - Wood products and treats

16) Husty Duck Collectibles

17) Make it Personnal

18) SJW Creation

19) HandemadeWithLoveArtisanSoaps - Soaps

20) Golden Age Comics & Collectibles

21) The Crafty Seedling Masks

22) Purple door bakehouse - Baked Goods

23) Bamboo dude - T-shirts

24) 1000 Islands Pride - Flags, jewelry and more!

25) Some boards, glue & Nails - Woodworker

26) Treats

27) Laberge Lavender Lane

28) Scentsy

29) Grandmamommyandme

30 Handmade by Rebecca - Story Stones

31) Dragonfly Design Crafts & baked goods

You would like to be involved? Be part of this successful event!

Vendor's application FORM is now available. Book your space sooner, get more advertisement!


The presenter option is taken but we still have room for our Igloo Presenter, the Kids Village or the Plaza stage Presenter.


You would like to work at the main entrance? We are also looking at getting a team to help us set up and tear down the site.


Email-us for more details.